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Life…the three life turning points are God, Devil and Nature. God is God the great who loves the men or the unjust who plays with fate of men ? Devil- It is a weapon which terrifies the whole world even if its presence is not known. Nature besides caring in her lap just as a mother, it is a helping enemy, on the other hand, creating destruction. The fourth one who plays a crucial role in all these is ‘ man ‘. He doesn’t know why he was born. He doesn’t know how he was born. He doesn’t even know why he is living. And before knowing all these, he dies.

To uncover the confusion regarding these four things that man has and to provide you the extincting truths of the society, our small trial is the ‘Audio Messages’.

Wishing that you encourage the efforts of the hundreds people who are behind the provision of these in your prayers.


                                                                                                                                           Messengers University

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